Three Challenges (The 3 C’s)

Innovative initiatives are different.  They pose unique challenges to those who turn ideas to action.

Innovation fails a lot … not because innovators are disorganized incompetents or unrealistic wild eyed dreamers  … but because the work poses unique challenges.  

Traditional project management best practices are poorly positioned to deal with the chaos, complexity, and collaboration demanded by this type of work.  This is a case of where much of what people “know” to be true is wrong.    The success rate of innovative initiatives will not improve with a more fevered dedication to project techniques perfected for the 20th Century’s slow incremental changes to the status quo.

The leaders of creative change must deal with the realities of a tumultuous project terrain. 

  • Chaos – Uncertainty is unavoidable.  Adaptive responses must replace fixed planning and control. 
  • Complexity – Innovation is unusually difficult.  Complexity is deeply imbedded into every aspect of its design and execution.   
  • Collaboration – People matter.  Multi-party initiatives require substantially more people focused skills like negotiation, collaboration, and coordination. 

All of the ideas within Big Picture Guy, including the Business Innovation Architect’s ambitious role, are designed to deliver effective creative action in this environment.

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