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Meme – Researcher

Researchers discover new technologies and tools. 

The Researcher’s job is to discover new technologies and tools. This is an important position.  Whether in building architecture, medical research, or sports, new technologies are at the root of some of the most meaningful innovations.

A good Researcher empowers a team’s creative design, adding powerful new resources to the solution toolbox.  New ideas must be discovered, explored and communicated.  To be effective, the Researcher’s role should be:

Formally Defined   – Create a specific role for the Researcher.   Many organizations err by treating research as a sideline to some Craftperson’s day to day project deliverables.   This inevitably pushes research into the background as deadlines and concrete deliverables take precedence over abstract future possibilities.

Integrated Within an Agile Creative Team – It is not enough to hire a lone Researcher who dutifully collects ideas in relative isolation.  Researchers are seldom well suited by skill or position to weave cutting edge possibilities into the fabric of the organization’s business.   Without a supporting team to deliver strategic design and agile execution, accumulated white papers will have little impact. 

Professionally Executed – Fill the position with a person who is enthusiastically driven to explore new technologies.   This may not be your best developer or even your architect.   This is unique professional role demanding unique skills and passions.  Once work begins, create formal processes for capturing and sharing ideas.  Manage the effort with an expectation of tangible results and concrete deliverables.            


Empower creative design by investing in the studious collection of new tools and technologies.

Good Reads: 

Brainstorming Questions

  • Are new ideas flowing into the team today?
  • When was the last time new technology was used in a strategic way on a meaningful project?
  • Who on the team has responsibility for identifying new technologies, ideas and tools?
  • How much time is really spent on new technology / new idea investigation?
  • How are new ideas captured and shared?   Is it haphazard?  Is the format effective?
  • Who is charged with listening to the Researcher and thinking about the implications of the ideas?
  • Is there a person (perhaps a so-so Craftsperson) that is an ideal match for the Researcher role?

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