(1) – Relationship Agent

Meme – Relationship Manager

People are the source of all needs and the beneficiaries of all work.       

Account Managers are part of most vendor IT teams.  They act as the “sales” function within a team, helping identify and bid on work.   This is often a non-technical / non-strategic role.  They Account Manager builds relationships and then brings in work.  The technologists on the team do most of the rest of the day to day execution.

This model works if the client has already made many of the crucial decisions for a project.  What is the business opportunity?  What is the scope and approach of the solution?  Who will participate?   In essence traditional Account Management works best when there is little strategic creativity to be done and the work remaining is a traditional software project. 

Agile Creative Teams (ACT) need more.  They require a highly consultative Relationship Manager. 

Early Through The Door:   The team must be able to identify opportunities and challenges before the solution has been fully baked by the business client.   They need to get in the door early so as to lend their expertise to the exploration and architecture of truly original and meaningful cross enterprise initiatives.  

Collaborative Ambassador:  Instead of selling they must enable.

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