Focus And Excel

Win by being the very best at what matters most.

This strategy begins by understanding what race you are running.   Are you in a Premium Quality Market?  High Convenience?  Pick on and then become very good at the things that matter in that market.

 If you are competing in the High Convenience market, drive down cost, increase availability, and simplify use.  If you are running against competitors in the Premium Quality market, add value, improve quality, and enhance prestige.  

This is all about being excellent in very specific ways.

It demands focus.  Walmart’s slogan “Always Low Prices” and Southwest Airline’s
“THE Low Cost Airlines” reflect the priorities of High Convenience market leaders.   In contrast, consider Paula Lishman’s clothing line catchphrase “Timeless, elegant, sustainable” or Lexus’ “Passionate Pursuit of Perfection”.  These capture the drivers of High Quality market competitors.    

This is a relentlessly demanding strategy.  It places you in head to head competition with the leaders of your market.  It is an arms race, where each improvement by one competitor must be matched and then exceeded by everyone else. 

In cases where an entrenched competitor has already established a substantial lead in a market, an option is to “Create a Niche”. 


Win by being the very best at what matters most. 

Good Read

Seth Godin discusses concepts surrounding buyer choices in “XXXXXX” .      Lexus and the Olive Tree?

Brainstorming Questions

  • Which marketplace are we in?  High Convenience?  Premium Quality?  Mushy Middle?
  • Which market to do we want to be in?
  • In our target market, who are the leaders in what matters most?
  • How can we match their excellence?
  • How can we exceed their excellence?
  • What are we doing that doesn’t contribute to excellence in what matters most? 

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