MVP – Minimum Viable Product

Meme – MVP Minimum Viable Product

Take your ideas to the market early and often. 

The first incarnation of an original idea will mostly miss the mark.  Key features will produce yawns while incredibly important opportunities will be overlooked. Creativity in a vacuum, innovation without feedback is dangerous.    Regardless of how much careful thought and diligent analysis they apply, Business Innovation Architects and their teams will unknowingly get lots wrong.

Don’t perfect things.  Become practiced going early and often to the marketplace.  Take your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), the smallest set of features and capabilities that can be cobbled together, and  enter the marketplace … a client’s office, the shop floor, or a commercial store.  

The MVP is usually much smaller than the final grand vision, although this is not always obvious to the stakeholders or project team.  Nice to have features seem essential to their authors so discipline is needed to cut and trim.   The goal is to start participating in the marketplace now.  Get your MVP in use.    

While you will learn a great deal, the MVP is more than an experimental prototype.   This product or service will continue to grow.   After the first MVP is deployed the next iteration should follow quickly.            


Begin dancing with you customer today. 

Good Reads: 

Brainstorming Questions

  • What could we deploy right now?  Do we already have an MVP? 
  • What is the Minimum Viable Product (or Service)?
  • What items are left in the MVP definition?   Looking at each one, why does it have to be there?
  • Do we have a small test market we could use (users, clients, customers)?
  • Who would like to be our partner in the launch and use of the MVP?
  • Why are we waiting so long for the next iteration?
  • What could we do to make going to market quicker and easier?

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