Meme – Innovation Barriers

Doing innovation is not the same as a traditional project development. 

Creativity is not simply imagining. Creation requires tangible acts that realize a dream in a messy and chaotic world.

Original creative initiatives have unique needs and challenges.   Trying to execute them like traditional business and IT projects will lead the project team into the frustrating dead ends.   Failing to account for innovation’s special demands contributes to the depressingly high failure rate of new cross enterprise business capabilities. 

Understanding how innovative projects differ from standard package deployments or enhancements to an existing system is the first step to making ground-breaking change work. 

  • Difficult Business Case – Innovation finds itself at a disadvantage when fighting for budget approval.
  • Resistance to Change – Innovation creates genuine change, and with that comes opposition and resistance.
  • Challenging Collaboration – Innovative projects bring together large groups of people who don’t normally collaborate
  • Tempting One Offs – Keeping the big vision alive is a challenge. Great ideas can be eaten away by quick and dirty solutions.   
  • Unsolved Problems – Innovation breaks new ground, so there is no one who knows the answer. 
  • Dark Hopeless Nights – There is no certainty of success.  Innovation is particularly susceptible to periods where the future seems dark and without hope.

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