The Four Hour Work Week

Why shouldn’t we use 21st Century tools to work less, do more, and live better?

Timothy Ferriss  (Entrepreneur who quit  … and lived well)

The entire global economy is remaking itself, providing new tools for productivity, autonomy and opportunity … and yet most people still have laborious jobs chained to a desk.    Timothy Ferriss makes the case that individuals can live better and do more with their lives by taking advantage of the same tools and technology that businesses draw on every day.  

We should be working 4 hours a week, supervising a team of outsourced resources and automated systems that do the grunge work for us. 

He advocates for the use personal assistants paid out of your own pocket, outsourcing of actual business assignments, and automating (or simply scrapping) parts of daily business life that deliver little value (like jumping to respond to emails).

Ferris claims these techniques can be applied by either entrepreneurs or business people employed by others.  There are some practical gotcha’s which seem to be glossed over, but as a whole it is an alluring window on a different way to live a professional life.

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