Premimum Experience – Retail experiences that rise above low cost.

Author:  Kate Newling  (trend based marketing consultant)

Kate Newlin hates cheap … she hates cheap stuff and even more, she hates cheap experiences.  Sadly she see a retail world dedicated to the a headlong plunge into shabby experience and product.  

There is more than a little table pointing manifesto in this book.   She wants people to look at what they really get from a purchase, the way that shopping and buying are important acts in our lives and worth doing well.  She’s mad as hell … and she’d like you to not take it anymore.

She makes a case for High Fidelity shopping experiences … selecting a few things that we really want rather than filling a closet full of cheap deals.   She offers examples from the retail space where products and retailers have positioned themselves in the “High Fidelity” side of the “Fidelity-Convenience Tradeoff”

Other books make similar points with greater strategic rigor (Trade Off), but Newlin’s  passion and real life examples make this a good supplemental read on the subject of market positioning tradeoffs.

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