Trade Off

Why some things catch on and others don’t

BIA Core Library Book

Author:  Kevin Maney  (20 years as USA Today’s technology reporter)

Author Kevin Maney shows his journalistic background by concentrating on a single strong argument … All products and services face a Fidelity or Convenience Tradeoff.  Success only occurs when an organization delivers a High Fidelity experiences, the kind that are worth a premium price and inconvenience to have, OR provides a “good enough” product with exceptional High Convenience … simplicity, low cost and availability.   

The point of the strategy is that we must choose.  Organizations that pursue a compromise strategy of sort of good blended with sort of convenient end up stagnating in the Mushy Middle.

Maney leverages his background and access as a USA Technology reporter to provide a broad range of credible real life wins and failures from the perspective of Fidelity Convenience Tradeoff.

Other books make similar points (Treasure Hunt,  Shopportunity) . What makes Trade-Off a particularly good read is that it successfully shows how the idea can be used as a strategic litmus test.  This makes it particularly useful to Business Innovation Architects who must evaluate and improve new ideas.

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