Dan McClure

Hello, I’m Dan McClure, and I have spent years doing innovation in organizations that are “too big to change”.  I am a Big Innovation Architect by trade and by personality. 

From the opening days of my career I have always been happiest (and most successful) when I find myself in the middle of some great business crisis and upwelling chaos. 

Running From A Desk

It’s not that I didn’t try to live outside the corporate machine.  I joined the Peace Corps out of college so I could build water pipelines across Nepal.  Unfortunately an outie belly button kept me off the plane (turns out umbilical hernias are deal killer for offshore community service).  

Instead I landed in a desk job.   Big business.  Argh. It didn’t take long for desperation to drive me rogue, in my off hours designing and building a new tools for pipeline designs.   That was fun … and fortuitous.  The tools ended up being strategic resources when energy deregulation was announced.   And so a year later I was finally did fly … this time to New Mexico to be the keynote speaker at a national engineering conference. 

Doing Innovation

Since then I’ve spent my life doing hands-on innovation in big organizations.  I have not always been successful, but I can tell you that meaningful change in a complex enterprise is possible.   I’ve saved clients millions of dollars with new ideas and positioned others to thrive in radically transformed marketplaces.

From my perspective, the good news about the world today is that  Innovation finally matters. We have all arrived at a time where Enterprise Creativity is the key to organizational success and survival.   This is no management book hype, dutifully read and then pushed aside.  Whether Big Business or solo individual, no one afford to have their best new ideas linger untested on the sidelines.  We must be good at delivering meaningful original value … or else.    

The Big Picture Guy Project

This site, Big Picture Guy, is about making enterprise innovation happen.  It taps my hands-on experience and draws on a rapidly growing body of knowledge from others who share my passion for the craft of change.  It expresses frank frustration with many entrenched  habits that don’t lend themselves to meaningful results and cheers on ideas that lead to creative re-invention. 

Please join me on this great adventure.  This stuff is great fun.

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