I’ve got a job I think you might like.  Become a Business Innovation Architect.  

Find yourself an organization that’s in crisis, a place with big challenges and no clear path ahead.  Then you set yourself down in the middle of all that chaos and imagine something new and original that will change their world …

Make InnovationWork

Be a Business Innovation Architect and make meaningful innovation work.

Take a Big Picture view of the world and fill the fatal gaps that derail most organization’s attempts at re-invention.  Own crucial tasks that most project teams push into the corner:

  • Envisioning strategic opportunities that are original, unique, and meaningful
  • Architecting powerful cross enterprise solutions
  • Evangelizing ambitious ideas, spanning business and technology mindsets
  • Driving forward adaptive action in the face of chaotic change    

Its important work, but you’ll have to fight to claim your place on conventional project teams. Our hyper-competitive world demands change and yet how few people make innovation their profession!  Organizations thrash their way into the future devoid of professionals with the insight and skills invent … and deliver … original new business capabilities. 

The Goal …

This site is intended to be a pragmatic, actionable resource for people with Big Picture perspectives.  This is my personal passion (learn more about me, Dan McClure, here).   I sincerely believe we must all get much better at actually doing innovation … the wildly spinning global marketplace won’t tolerate continued muddling about. 

Become a Business Integration Architect. Help an organization in crisis …drive creative innovation … invent ideas that matter … transform a business’ value to its customers.  Turn ideas into action and shape the future. 

P.S. (and have a great adventure too!)

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