Business Innovation Architect – I LOVE My Job

 I am a Business Innovation Architect.  My job is about discovering a new idea, getting a bunch of people together, and making it happen.  I love my job.

Doing Innovation

I believe in the power of creative collaborations.   Nothing gets my heart pumping like bringing people together around a possibility, discovering what puts fire in their eyes, and turning the dream into something original and real.   

Two hundred years ago, you’d have found me at the center of a local barn raising, working with a New England farm community to design and build a neighbor’s barn in the span of a few days.  

We still need this kind of collaborative creation.  Today our world is a grand marketplace driven by unprecedented change and competition.  It is unremitting in its demand that we invent distinctive new business capabilities.   

The Business Innovation Architect

In this ongoing adventure, the Business Innovation Architect is an original idea’s passionate advocate. Stationed midway between Business and Technology, BIA’s are multi-disciplinary bridge builders envisioning an opportunity, selling possibilities to stakeholders on both sides of the fence, and ultimately working to keep everyone moving smartly through uncharted territory. 

This is good and important work.  Those of us who are natural visionary / architect / evangelist / problem solvers can make a real difference in the world. 

Still, Business Innovation Architecture is a newly emerging role.  Many organizations are befuddled by where we fit.  The field is still shaping itself, with lessons and assumptions of our project team cousins … business analysts, program managers, and technical architects … often turning out to be inappropriate to the challenges we face.

Welcome to the Adventure

Even after years of doing this job under a variety of guises, I am still excited by how much there is to discover and learn.  I look forward to beginning the conversation about we can best do this incredible job.